We have organized two different sustainability activities that all athletes coaches, and support staff are welcome to attend:

Rescue-a-Reef Dive – Friday, 17th January – 0800-1300

On Friday 17th January 0800 – 1300, World Sailing and the University of Miami, will host an expedition to help restore a local coral reef, free for sailors/coaches participating in the Hempel World Cup Series Miami. It will last half a day with a morning briefing followed by a trip to a local reef to plant over 100 staghorn corals. Both snorkellers and divers are welcome. Please email to participate.

Beach Clean-Up – Saturday, 18th January – 1000-1200

US Sailing and SendIt4TheSea, have organized a beach clean-up for the regatta. Meet at the US Sailing Center at 10am. RSVP here and join us to do your part for the ocean!


US Sailing is committed to incorporating a higher level of environmental stewardship into our regatta practices. By running a clean regatta and actively incorporating education pieces into regatta activities, we hope to instill a passion for protecting our oceans and the importance of sustainable practices in our daily lives.

US Sailing believes that all sailors, coaches and race officials are responsible for the health of our waters.

The Hempel World Cup Series Miami has a huge impact on the environment and the Coconut Grove area, and as regatta organizers, we are committed to limiting the negative environmental impacts of the event while working to establish sustainable practices that can be maintained long after the regatta is over.

To fulfill our mission, our goals for the 2020 regatta are:

  • Limit and/or eliminate all single-use plastics at the event
  • Achieve the Silver Level of Clean Regattas, as outlined by Sailors for the Sea
  • Educate coaches, race committee, and support personnel on environmental best practices for motorboat operation.
  • Empower the local sailing clubs to incorporate environmental initiatives into their clubs through education

In order to accomplish these goals, all competitors, team leaders, coaches and volunteers are expected to follow the below guidelines. If you have any questions about the guidelines, please contact us directly. We appreciate everyone abiding by our Clean Regatta Policies.

  1. Each person is expected to bring their own personal reusable water bottle. No single use plastic water bottles will be allowed.  Please bring powdered sports drink mixes, as no plastic sports drinks are allowed in the venue.
  2. No plastic bags or single use plastics are allowed at the regatta venue.
  3. All waste must be disposed of in proper containers: Recycling & Landfill.
  4. All coaches must use fuel spill pads and follow best practices for reducing carbon emissions of motorboats.
  5. Use reef safe sunscreens!

9 SImple Sustainability steps for support boats
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