This year, the 2019 Hempel World Cup Series Miami marks the 30th year of Olympic racing on Biscayne Bay. Over the past 29 years, the regatta has evolved tremendously, growing from its humble beginnings in the early 1990s with athletes from only 17 countries into a mainstay on the international circuit featuring over 600 athletes from 50+ countries. Several years ago, the Hempel World Cup Series Miami, to further connect the event to the community, moved the regatta to Coconut Grove’s Regatta Park and created a festival to bring racing to the public.

As the regatta enters its 30th year, US Sailing is committed to incorporating a higher level of environmental stewardship into our regatta practices. We are excited to use this event as a model for future US Sailing regattas and events. By running a clean regatta and actively incorporating education pieces into regatta activities, we hope to instill a passion for protecting our oceans and the importance of sustainable practices in our daily lives.

US Sailing believes that all sailors, coaches and race officials are responsible for the health of our waters.

The Hempel World Cup Series Miami has a huge impact on the environment and the Coconut Grove area, and as regatta organizers, we are committed to limiting the negative environmental impacts of the event while working to establish sustainable practices that can be maintained long after the regatta is over.

To fulfill our mission, we have designated a regatta “Green Team”. The Green Team’s goals for the 2019 regatta are:

  • Limit and/or eliminate all single-use plastics at the event
  • Achieve the Silver Level of Clean Regattas, as outlined by Sailors for the Sea
  • Promote environmental stewardship throughout the local South Florida sailing clubs, specifically by creating partnerships with the junior programs at local yacht clubs.
  • Educate coaches, race committee, and support personnel on environmental best practices for motorboat operation.
  • Empower the local sailing clubs to incorporate environmental initiatives into their clubs through education

In order to accomplish these goals, all competitors, team leaders, coaches and volunteers are expected to follow the below guidelines. If you have any questions about the guidelines, please contact us directly. We appreciate everyone abiding by our Clean Regatta Policies.

  1. Each person is expected to bring their own personal reusable water bottle. No single use plastic water bottles will be allowed.  Please bring powdered sports drink mixes, as no plastic sports drinks are allowed in the venue.
  2. No plastic bags or single use plastics are allowed at the regatta venue.
  3. All waste must be disposed of in proper containers: Recycling & Landfill.
  4. All coaches must use fuel spill pads and follow best practices for reducing carbon emissions of motorboats.
  5. Use reef safe sunscreens!

9 SImple Sustainability steps for support boats
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Give us your old, unwanted wetsuits!

At Hempel World Cup Series Miami, we’ll also be collecting old wetsuits and donating them to Suga, the company that designed the world’s first yoga mat made entirely of recycled wetsuits.

Suga reengineered the yoga mat to feel better and perform better, while solving a pressing environmental problem – how to recycle non-biodegradable neoprene wetsuits. Suga spent two years researching and developing a way to recycle wetsuits while improving the performance of the traditional yoga mat. Because Suga mats are manufactured from neoprene, they’re uniquely closed-cell foam, which means they don’t sponge up bacteria, sweat, dust, and dirt from yoga studio floors like other mats. Suga mats maintain their grippiness, whether dry or wet.  They also give non-biodegradable wetsuits a second life by keeping them out of landfills.

When you deliver your old wetsuit to the regatta office at the entrance to Regatta Park, post a picture to your Instagram story and tag @USSailing and #HWCSMiami to enter for a chance to win a free Suga mat of your own!

We look forward to wonderful sailing in Miami and spreading the message of ocean conservation.

Thank you and remember to bring your re-usable water bottle!

Elizabeth Kratzig
Green Team Chair
2019 Hempel World Cup Series Miami

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