Be aware that many of the parking lots near Seminole Boat Ramp require marina decals – your car WILL be towed if you park there!

Car Parking:

  • NO CAR PARKING at Lot 71 (Seminole Boat Ramp)
  • Lot #62: Pay by phone parking
  • Daily lot at SBS, $20/day
  • Most parking lots around Regatta Park require payment. There is very little free parking.

Regatta Park Info

  • If you are driving a vehicle, please enter from the Pan Am Drive side of the park and not by the SW 27th Ave entrance near the boat ramp. Unless you are actually delivering a boat or have a Dinner Key Marina decal, that entrance will be closed from January 13th onward.
  • We encourage all to ride bicycles! It is necessary to lock your bicycle, but it is not permitted to lock bicycles to palm trees or to the gates. There is one bicycle rack near the hoses and another underneath the Dockmaster office building. It is also OK to lock bicycles to empty boat trailers inside the triangle area.
  • Do NOT Park in the following places:
    • Any places marked for Dinner Key Marina decal, especially not the places on the extension of SW 27th Ave into the marina area (near the triangle area, dockmaster office and boat slips).
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