Coachboat Docking & Mooring

All coach boat trailers will need to be stored either inside a container or at the below location off Tigertail Ave.

Last year we appreciate that the US Sailing Center was overrun with the number of boats. This year due to Hurricane Irma we have some more space around Regatta Park, Dinner Key and the US Sailing Center (see the image below).

It is our intention to register the Coach Boats starting the 20th and provide mooring areas for the ribs. Coach boats must stay within allocated areas. Those that are mooring near the ramp in the allocated area on the sea wall need to
ensure they are East of slip 29 (in the below picture, green is OK; we cannot have any boats in the red area). The charter vessel Celebration needs access in and out of her slip.



The fuel dock at Grove Key Marina is no longer functioning due to Hurricane Irma. Starting on Friday, January 19th we will have a Fuel truck at the US Sailing Center for fueling at 1000-1100. Payment will be cash only; no credit cards will be accepted. It is our intention to have this service resume on the Monday 22nd through the Sunday 28th. The schedule may change dependent upon real demand and operational factors, we will keep you updated. It would be in all our interests to show the volume of potential business, fill on up Friday.

Coach boat rules:

  • Everywhere inside the islands plus the mooring fields outside the islands is a no-wake zone.
  • The manatee zone in the channels outside the islands is a no-wake zone.
  • Go slowly until you are outside the manatee zone and outside the mooring fields.
  • When exiting one of the channels from Regatta Park or CGSC, you will encounter mooring fields outside the islands.
  • If you are exiting the channel in front of US Sailing Center, you will not encounter a mooring field outside the islands.
  • NO wake and NO cut through.
  • Please use either Dinner Key Channel of the John A Brennan Channel while exiting or returning to Regatta Park (see below)

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